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Mis-sold credit is a term used to describe when a lender or retailer has provided an unsuitable or incompatible financial product or service to customers.

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Eligible for a Claim?

When credit products such as loans, credit cards or overdrafts have been mis-sold, the borrower may not have full disclosure of information when taking out the loan or have entered into agreements without understanding all the terms and conditions. Credit can be considered to be mis-sold if certain elements, such as fees and charges relating to the credit agreement were not made clear before it was concluded.

The most common cases of mis-sold credit centres on people who are unable to pay back their debt, but also covers instances where misleading information about interest rates and repayment arrangements has been given.

If you believe you have been a victim of financial mis-selling contact our team who will fully investigate your claim if they consider you to be entitled to financial compensation, they will pursue the same vigorously on your behalf, on a no win no fee basis.