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Does my company need a sponsor licence?

Every UK based company, looking to employ EU / non-EU nationals, must obtain a sponsor licence. It allows your business to issue a certificate of sponsorship to your new (or existing) employee, permitting them to work for your business in an eligible role.

Your company can hire from outside the UK or from within the UK. If you are looking to hire someone from within the UK, you can do so if the individual is currently on a temporary visa or if they work for another sponsoring company. You can also sponsor an international student studying in the UK; this allows your business to broaden its talent pool with access to global markets.

If you want to improve your diversity, equality and inclusion (DE&I) credentials, sponsoring an employee is a fantastic way to achieve this, as you access a much broader set of skills from different backgrounds.

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What types of sponsor licences are available?

Depending on your business, there are different sponsor licences. If your business meets the requirements, you can apply for one of the following categories:

  • Workers – for skilled, long term employment commonly under the Skilled Worker route
  • Temporary workers – specific temporary employment
  • Education providers - to sponsor international students to study

Can my company get a sponsor licence?

Subject to your business meeting the eligibility requirements and you can provide the required documentation, we can assist you with your sponsor licence project.

The types of documents we require will depend on the nature, size and complexity of your business. For example, if you are a financial institution or a healthcare provider, chances are you would be a regulated/monitored business. If this is the case, the documents you need to provide will differ.

Any Four documents out of the Six below.

VAT Certificate
Bank Statements
Liability Insurance
Annual Accounts
Lease or proof of ownership
Paye Document

Please note we do not require all six documents.
We only require four out of the six.

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What is included in our sponsor licence service?

Crucial review of all documents and evidence
Assistance with the completion of the online application.
A detailed, professional cover letter
Annual Accounts
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Can we help you manage your licence?

Absolutely, it's what we do.

Whilst having a sponsor licence has advantages, there are onerous compliance duties for your business. It is important to understand these duties to ensure ongoing compliance with the rules and regulations. This includes taking reasonable steps to prevent illegal working, maintaining accurate and up-to-date records, reporting any changes to the sponsored worker’s employment status, and cooperating with the Home Office during compliance visits.

We understand running a business is hard enough, so our team of expert solicitors will be on hand to support and advise you on how to fully comply with your sponsor licence duties. We can provide training and conduct mock audits so no stone is unturned and your business can do what its best at doing.

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