We take pride in operating on a fixed fee basis for most of our immigration services. This fee will be agreed with you at the outset of your case, to give you financial peace of mind without the need to worry about hidden charges or additional costs. We also charge on an hourly basis for some services.

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Please be advised the fees below do not include disbursements for e.g. home office fees, immigration health surcharge, counsel fees and biometric enrolment.

Visa TypeFixed Fee FromFixed Fee Up To
Sponsor Licence Application£1,500£6,500
Entry Clearance Innovator Visa£3,750£5,000
Entry Clearance Innovator Visa & Endorsement£8,000£10,000
Indefinite Leave to Remain Innovator Visa£5,250£7,750
Entry Clearance Start Up Visa£2,250£3,750
Entry Clearance Sole Representative Visa£3,250£4,750
Extension Sole Representative Visa£2,250£3,250
Indefinite Leave to Remain Sole Representative Visa£3,750£4,750
Extension Entrepreneur£2,750£3,750
Indefinite Leave to Remain Entrepreneur£3,250£4,250
Entry Clearance Global Talent Visa (Digital Technology)£1,750£2,250
Entry Clearance Global Talent Visa & Endorsement (Digital Technology)£2,500£4,000
Entry Clearance Global Talent Visa (Other)£1,250£1,750
Entry Clearance Global Talent Visa & Endorsement (Other)£2,250£3,250
Indefinite Leave to Remain Global Talent Visa)£1,750£2,750
Entry Clearance Investor Visa£10,000£17,500
Extension Investor Visa£6,000£9,000
Indefinite Leave to Remain Investor Visa£6,000£10,000
Entry Clearance Partner (Spouse/Unmarried Partner/ Civil Partner)£1,650£2,250
Extension Partner£1,450£2,150
Indefinite Leave to Remain Partner£1,850£2,750
Indefinite Leave to Remain Asylum£1,150£6,250
Entry Clearance Visit Visa£750£1,750
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Long Residence)£1,750£3,250
Indefinite Leave to Remain (Returning Resident)£1,750£3,250
Entry Clearance Skilled Worker/ICT/Health & Care/Sportsperson Visa£1,150£2,250
Extension Skilled Worker/ICT/Health & Care/Sportsperson Visa£1,150£2,250
Indefinite Leave to Remain Skilled Worker/Health & Care/Sportsperson Visa£1,500£2,250
Entry Clearance Student Visa£1,150£1,750
Extension Student Visa£1,150£1,750
British Citizenship (Adult)£950£1,850
British Citizenship (Child)£750£1,650
Immigration Appeal to First Tier Tribunal£1,750£3,750
Permission to Appeal to First Tier Tribunal Upper Tribunal£750£1,250
Judicial Review£3,000£7,000

Initial Consultation:

Our hourly rate for the initial consultation ranges from £295 + VAT to £495 + VAT, depending on the complexity of your case. Once VAT is applied, the total cost of the initial consultation may range between £354 to £594.

The precise cost of your initial consultation hinges on various factors specific to your circumstances, such as:

  • The volume of supporting evidence requiring evaluation
  • Your linguistic preferenc
  • Whether you re applying with dependents
  • Provided you furnish ample evidence during our initial meeting and clearly meet the relevant Immigration Rules, your costs are likely to lean towards the lower end of the spectrum.
  • During the initial consultation, our services include:

    • Evaluating your situation and determining the most suitable application or alternative options available to you
    • Advising you on the Immigration Rules requirements and assessing your eligibility
    • Exploring strategies to address any criteria you may not currently fulfil.

    Where agreed, in certain circumstance we may offer a free initial consultation.

    Immigration Application:

    Our standard hourly rate ranges from £325 to £550 (Plus VAT). On average, the completion of this type of work typically takes between 5 to 12 hours. Hence, the standard costs typically fall within the range of £1625 to £6600 (PLUS VAT). All figures provided encompass VAT unless otherwise specified.

    The precise duration and associated visa fees for your case depend on various factors, such as:

  • The simplicity or complexity of your case in legal terms
  • The volume of supporting evidence requiring assessment
  • Your linguistic preferences
  • Whether you re applying with dependents
  • The tasks involved in handling your immigration application/appeal encompass:

  • Comprehensive discussions regarding your circumstances and available options throughout the process
  • Provision of guidance on Immigration Rules requirements and your eligibility status
  • Assessment of potential strategies to address any unmet criteria, typically requiring 1.5-3 hours*
  • Evaluation of the supporting evidence provided, estimated to take between 2 to 7 hours
  • Assistance in obtaining additional evidence, such as medical records and bank statements, including witness statements if necessary.
  • Preparation and submission of your application on your behalf, expected to consume 3-7 hours
  • Provision of advice regarding the application outcome and any subsequent steps required.
  • *The duration of these tasks depends on factors such as the volume of documents, translation needs, completeness of submissions, and the time required to obtain missing documents.

    Please note that disbursements are not included in the aforementioned costs.

    Interpreter Fees and Other Disbursements:

    Disbursements encompass expenses associated with your case that are payable to external parties, such as interpreters. We manage disbursement payments on your behalf to streamline the process.

    It s important to note that interpreters are often unnecessary for many of the cases we handle. However, when required, interpreter fees typically range between £90 to £145 per hour (VAT may or may not be included). These fees are separate from our UK visa fees outlined below. During the initial consultation, if an interpreter is needed, the session typically lasts between 30 minutes to one hour, contingent upon the complexity of your case.

    Visa Fees and Other Disbursements:

    Disbursements comprise expenses related to your case that are payable to external entities, such as visa fees. We manage disbursement payments on your behalf to facilitate a smoother process. All costs provided below include any applicable VAT unless otherwise specified.

    Furthermore, barristers (specialists in attending and arguing at Court) are generally not required for many of the cases we handle. However, if needed, our preferred barristers fees usually range from £250 to £350 per hour, depending on the barrister s experience. The involvement of a barrister in such applications typically necessitates 2-5 hours of their time, depending on the complexity of your case.

    Independent expert reports, such as those from medical experts, are often unnecessary. We will promptly inform you if we deem an expert report necessary for your case.

    Additional disbursements may apply if we accompany you to an interview with the authorities, covering our mileage and travel expenses.

    Please note that the costs outlined here exclude:

  • Any Home Office fees associated with the application.
  • How long will my application take?

    While we cannot provide a guarantee regarding the duration of the Home Office s processing of your application, you can refer to the current processing times for an indication.

    Typically, we aim to submit this type of application within 2 weeks from the time you engage our services. However, should there be a likelihood of a longer processing period, we will promptly inform you.

    Please note that the estimated number of hours and fees provided are based on the information available. Each application varies, and we can offer a more precise estimate, including fixed fees where feasible, once we have more details about your specific case. For Sponsorship Licences the Home Office will look to consider the application within 8 weeks, unless a priority service fee is paid. If this slot is secured, your application will be considered within 10 working days.

    Additional disbursements may apply if we accompany you to an interview with the authorities, covering our mileage and travel expenses.

    Please note that the costs outlined here exclude:

  • Any Home Office fees associated with the application.
  • Fixed Fee

    We are committed to providing our clients with a sense of assurance through our Fee Quotes. Whenever feasible, we operate on a Fixed Fees basis to ensure transparency and predictability. You can rest assured that the quoted amount for our services remains fixed throughout the process. This stability is particularly valuable for individuals with intricate immigration cases that may require extended resolution periods. Additionally, businesses seeking legal advice on Sponsor Licence matters appreciate the certainty that their final bill will align with the agreed amount, enabling them to manage their cash-flow and budgets effectively.

    Home Office Disbursements:

    We predominantly deal with helping companies apply for Sponsorship Licences. The Fees for the Home office for this application is £536.00 with an additional fee for the Home Office of £500 should you require a priority service.

    When assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship, you need to pay a disbursement of £239 Certificate fee and £364 per year Immigration Skills Charge when you assign the Cos. For a five-year visa it is £2,059.00.

    For the skilled worker visa application fee, you will need to pay application fee of £719 for up to 3 years and £1420 for more than 3 years. These can be different depending on if the occupation is on the shortage occupation list and if the applicant is applying from within the UK. The next fee is the IHS fee. The new fee per year is £1,035.00. So for a five year visa its £5,175.00 (this fee is exempt in the healthcare sector) No VAT is payable on these fees.